Pearland could restrict doing business with former City Council members if new ordinance passes

 Pearland could restrict doing business with former City Council members if new ordinance passes

PEARLAND, Texas-The personal businesses of Pearland City Council members may be regulated soon when it comes to approving municipal contracts after they leave office.

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At a May 9 meeting, the City Council adopted the first reading of an amended ordinance amending the code of ethics in city ordinances that made it so that Pearland could not enter into a contract with a former Council member. City or a business in which the former City Council member has had a substantial interest for at least nine months after the successor of the former member is sworn into office.

“For the benefit of the citizens, we have put in place provisions that as council members, if we have a share in a business or wholly own a business, we cannot contract with the town of Pearland,” he said. Council Member Trent Perez, who is pushing for the ordinance.

The May 9 meeting was Perez’s last meeting with the council because of its closure.

According to the Texas Local Government Code, a person has a substantial interest in a business if that person owns 10% or more of the stock or voting portion of the business; if the person owns $ 15,000 or more of fair market value of the business; if the funds received from the business comprise 10% or more of a person’s gross income in the previous year; or if a person related to the former council member has a substantial business interest.

Several council members and Pearland Mayor Kevin Cole have raised various concerns with the ordinance, including Alex Kamkar, who asked what current council members expect when it comes to their businesses entering into town contracts. .

Pearland City Attorney Darrin Coker said the ordinance, if approved on second reading, will not apply to current council members because it is in another section of the city’s ethics code of ordinance.

“What we will apply to former council members is more stringent,” Coker said.

State law allows the council to vote on a contract with a business in which a council member has a substantial interest, but that council member must file a conflicting affidavit and then not be allowed to participate in any discussion or voting. , said Coker.

Many council members and Cole said it was something they needed to get back on track.

“I think it’s a good step in the right direction,” Council Member Luke Orlando said.

The May 9 meeting was also his last on the council after he lost his election race for Position 1 to Joseph Koza.

“I thank Member Perez for bringing this forward. As it comes out tonight, there are a lot of areas here that we can work on and improve, and I think this is the beginning of this discussion and not the end of it,” he added. by Orlando.

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