Petoro selects FutureOn as software technology partner

 Petoro selects FutureOn as software technology partner

FutureOn, the global energy software company, has signed a recurring annual software license agreement with Petoro. The agreement will provide FutureOn’s award-winning FieldTwin Design software for use in strategic field development projects throughout the Norwegian oil and gas sector on an ongoing basis.

FieldTwin’s design-a new visualization and collaboration platform-allows Petoro, a Norwegian state-owned limited company, to work more closely with operators in the early stages of evaluation in projects. The software helps Petoro streamline and improve complex subsea development concepts, resulting in reduced risk at project decision points.

FutureOn’s FieldTwin Design software allows operators to design, create and maintain digital copies of physical field assets for the highest project cost. By connecting disparate data and providing accurate visual representation of offshore projects in a fully georeferenced environment, operators like Petoro can optimize field design development projects, equipment, farm operations, and efficient production.

Even if you are a relatively new user of FieldTwin, Petoro is already enjoying the proven benefits from using FieldTwin Design. The software has proven itself as a valuable support for project decisions just a few months after implementation, by improving the company’s understanding of the scope of work and technical challenges. Petoro quickly experienced closer and better collaboration with operators and partners using digital subsea models.

Pål Roppen, CEO of FutureOn said:

“It will be rewarding to receive such positive feedback and results about FieldTwin Design’s role in Petoro’s operations earlier in our partnership. We are proud that our software is used to streamline operations and improve productivity,” and we look forward to working with Petoro to achieve efficient and abundant discoveries.

“Over the past year, Norway’s oil and gas production has continued to increase, which this trend is expected to continue in the coming years. We believe that collaboration between companies such as FutureOn and Petoro will be important in managing production. of energy while also ensuring a comprehensive local supply chain for energy transfer.

Britt Bjelland, Senior Technology Advisor at Petoro said:

“We envision FutureOn’s FieldTwin Design to be able to make optimized evaluations of site and infrastructure improvements, while also lowering CO.2 footprint on projects. We believe that the software developed by FutureOn will help digitally transform the oil and gas industry, reducing asset turnover and project implementation time.

“We have already experienced the benefits of interactive sharing of project models to different stakeholders, making the whole process more efficient and collaborative. FutureOn software has proven valuable for early evaluations. concept and to support concept decisions, and we look forward to continuing our working relationship with FutureOn.

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