PowerDVD 22 media and movie playback software

 PowerDVD 22 media and movie playback software

PowerDVD 22 was launched by CyberLink

CyberLink has released the latest version of its award-winning media and movie -playing software PowerDVD. Now in its 22nd release, the software is capable of playing movies in 8K, 4K HDR Blu-ray and supports a wide range of media formats across multiple platforms.

One of the new features of the PowerDVD 22 is its ability to target the finest video details without distorted soundtrack, thanks to the new keep pitch algorithm. PowerDVD 22 is now available to purchase in its Standard form for $ 60, as an Ultra version 4. $ 100 and as a PowerDVD 365 subscription. Priced at $ 55 per year.

Media and film playback software

“PowerDVD 22 builds on CyberLink’s pioneering media technology by offering exciting new features that offer users more control and customization options. Users can customize their experience. fits their preferences, for example, deeper colors, better lighting, and enhanced audio, such as high-fidelity 7.1 surround sound.PowerDVD 22 optimizes playback between devices.

The new tools allow users to cut and extract any section of video or audio from their media and convert it to smartphone-friendly formats. It includes MP4 for video and AAC or MP3 for audio. PowerDVD 22 also boasts faster transcode and upload times, faster playback, and thumbnail generation on any part of the play bar for easy media skimming. ”

“Recognized as the number one movie and media player in the world, PowerDVD has a long history of innovation, constantly pioneering multimedia features, to the delight of our millions of users,” said Drs. Jau Huang, CEO of CyberLink. “In addition to new playback tuning options and a more user-friendly interface, we’re happy to announce that PowerDVD 22 also adds exciting features so users can fully control their media. , movies, and experiences within YouTube. “

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