President Biden will travel to Buffalo today to meet with shooting victims’ families

 President Biden will travel to Buffalo today to meet with shooting victims’ families

President Biden and the first woman will travel to Buffalo on Tuesday to meet with the families of victims of Saturday’s deadly shooting at a grocery store, according to the White House.

“They will comfort the families of 10 people whose lives were taken in vain in this horrific shooting,” White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters Monday. “And they will express gratitude for the courage of law enforcement members and other first responders who took immediate action to try to protect and save lives.”

The trip came three days after a gunman fired at a Tops Friendly Market store in a predominantly Black neighborhood in Buffalo, leaving 10 people dead. Following his arrest, the 18-year-old alleged suspect, Peyton Gendron, told officers he was targeting the Black community.

After the shooting, a document allegedly tied up by the gunman came out on the internet. It includes racist, anti-immigrant views and quotes the Replacement Theory-a right-wing, white nationalist conspiracy theory that baselessly claims that white Americans are systematically replaced by human color.

U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland said in a statement that the Justice Department is investigating the shooting “as a hate crime and an act of violent racially motivated extremism.”

Over the weekend, Biden said any “hate crime driven differently than disgust is on the fabric of this country.”

“Any act of local terrorism, including an act committed in the name of an abominable white nationalist ideology, is against everything we stand for in America. Hate must have no safe haven. Domestic terrorism, “Biden said in a statement on Sunday.

During their trip on Tuesday, the President and first lady will visit Tops Market before meeting with family members of the victims, first responders, law enforcement and local leaders, according to a White House official. .

Biden is expected to speak at the community center where he will call on Congress to take action on gun control to prevent weapons in the hands of criminals and people with severe mental illness.

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