Samsung 6G Forum reveals more about 6G

 Samsung 6G Forum reveals more about 6G

Samsung 6G Forum

Samsung previously mentioned that they were working on 6G and now the company is holding the first Samsung 6G Forum.

Samsung has revealed more information about their plans for 6G technology, you can see more details of what they are planning below.

SVP Charlie Zhang of Samsung Research America gave a presentation on ‘Radio Technology Evolution for Beyond 5G and 6G’. He presented that while 6G technologies are still in their early days, several emerging directions have formed and gained momentum in academia and industry, including support for a new spectrum such as the upper mid-band in the range of 7-24 GHz and Terahertz (THz) band, novel antenna technologies, the evolution of duplex technology and network topology, spectrum sharing, Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a native part of protocol design , and so on.

SVP Takehiro Nakamura of NTT DOCOMO discusses ‘5G Evolution and 6G’, promoting research focused on technologies and services for 5G evolution and 6G gaining momentum around the world. SVP John Smee of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. talks about ‘Driving Air Interface Innovation Toward 6G’, which promotes advanced wireless research and development with multiple vectors that will drive disruptive innovations and push the boundaries of technology to create new and improved experiences to the 6G user.

You can find out more information about the Samsung 6G Forum and the company’s plans for 6G technology at the link below.

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