Samsung shows off its latest The Wall display technology

 Samsung shows off its latest The Wall display technology

Samsung The Wall

Samsung has announced that it is showcasing its new 2022 Samsung The Wall display and the latest Micro LED technology.

Samsung will unveil three new models in The Wall range and they are coming 0.63 and 0.94pixel pitches, with 0.63 being the slimmer pixel pitch.

The overall size of the cabinets has been increased, allowing businesses and consumers to install only four cabinets to configure the UHD screen, which means faster and more cost-efficient operations. operation. The improved display cabinet reinforces large, high-resolution screens and improves mechanical quality for immersive viewing while improving seam adjustment. In fact, the installation time has been shortened offering many benefits to businesses compared to conventional LED signage.

Wall is also packed with industry -leading technology. First, with Multi View, The Wall enables simultaneous multi-source playback from four sources, all on one screen, with no additional splitter required for dynamic content display. Second, the Black Seal Technology built into the display creates a seamless canvas for a purer black level, with an ultra-low reflective film applied to reduce external light reflection. In addition, with 20-bit processing, The Wall delivers exceptional image quality and a seamless viewing experience, supported by a peak of 2,000 nits that delivers sharper images.

You can find out more details about the latest 2022 Samsung The Wall shown on Samsung’s website at the link below.

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