Sarah Coleman: Travel changes you

 Sarah Coleman: Travel changes you

In the wise words of Anthony Bourdain, “Traveling changes you. As you move in this life and in this world you change things a little, you leave marks, no matter how small. And instead, life and travel leave marks on you.Often, those marks – on your body or your heart – are beautiful.

There is no doubt that travel, no matter how big or how small, no matter how close or how far, can change you. We learn things about ourselves, about our culture, about our footprint.

In return, we know all things and more about others. We discover new foods and new customs, often new expressions or jargon. We are always humbled and sometimes challenged. We were always forced to step out of our cozy place and, if lucky, were invited by a new family.

So travel regularly, opt out, get out of your comfortable place, learn about something new, talk to a stranger, check out a new gym, or just read about a new place from the comfort of your own armchair.

Frequent travel – Travel is a vehicle to explore things we don’t know. By constantly traveling (again, no matter how big or how small) we are in constant motion without getting stuck.

Opting out -Traveling can be a new outdoor activity to try or share with a friend. Often, exploring our own unique grounds is equally rewarding.

Walk out of your comfort zone -as the bad quote says-no change on your comfort zone. As my friend Bushy said, “No challenge, no change.”

Learn about something new -a new cheese, a new language, a new sport, knot ties, dance moves, art therapy-you get the picture.

Talk to a stranger – even better, try it in another language. Often, our heads are buried in our phones (guilty)-even a sudden “hello” can change the day for others and yours. Thanks!

Check out the new gym -or an AA meeting, or a club club, or church service, or whatever floats on your boat-the possibilities are endless if you find like-minded people doing a something you love. They quickly became a family. A fun tip here – try your new thing at a time when you’re not normally.

read -Traveling in an armchair can be just as rewarding as your escape to a different world or culture.

A quick note here – Travel doesn’t have to be expensive or pathetic, there are many adventures that can be done on a budget or at no cost.

Say yes to adventure and change your life, your character and your headspace. Go leave your mark and make it beautiful. Oh, and send us a photo of you burping in a fun place. Good sailing!

Sarah Coleman is a wellness and recovery coach at Foundry Treatment Center Steamboat Springs, a fitness fanatic, a personal trainer, a CrossFitter, a food connoisseur at Bitchin Kitchin and an outdoor enthusiast everywhere.

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