Secondhand Style: Maternity Fashion to Beat the Heat | Kids VT | Seven Days

 Secondhand Style: Maternity Fashion to Beat the Heat | Kids VT | Seven Days

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I was so ready for the summer heat and so excited to leave my heavy coats and winter boots on and kick off the sun wearing lighter coats. I am also 24 weeks pregnant as I write this. It is comforting to know that as my baby and body grow, I will remove a small part of my clothing.

I’m not crazy about the fact that summer and pregnancy equate to extreme heat. But as someone who was born and raised in Hawaii, and went through my first pregnancy there, I felt I was ready to manage New England in July. For those of you looking for a low budget upgrade to your maternity wardrobe this summer, find the shopping list for your next savings trip below. These things will help you stay cool for months to come.

Biker Shorts

I try to buy clothes that I know will be very useful. With maternity clothing, it usually means something that I will always wear throughout my pregnancy and can also wear postpartum. Biker shorts will fit the bill. Even if you’re not a fan of wearing it on their own, it’s a perfect piece to put under skirts and dresses to help with the chafing that is often unavoidable during the sweaty summer months. .

One more layer

I know it seems counter-intuitive to wear a lot of clothes in the heat, but a light outer layer may be just what you need to maximize your day time. The breathable long-sleeve top will keep the sun on your skin from keeping you warm, cooling you and protecting you. You can easily use a prepregnancy button-up top for this purpose (no buttons, of course!), But lightweight shawls and cardigans are good things to save while you’re pregnant, because you can use them after in childbirth, as well. .

Natural materials

Whether dressing for a hot day or shopping for maternity clothes in the summer, I prefer natural, breathable materials. Cotton is my favorite, but I also like linen and some silk options. If a piece of clothing is made from airborne material, I’ll probably take it out of my closet on a hot day.

Shoes that grow with you

Swollen feet in the summer heat were a complete hassle, but during my first pregnancy, a friend gave me advice that led to the best buy in my pregnancy: Buy a pair of slip -on sandals with adjustable straps. It felt so good to untie the straps as my legs grew. And because they are slip-ons, I no longer have to kneel on my stomach before I go out of the house every day. If you want a different style, find a pair of shoes that are half the size larger than the one you normally wear to give yourself a little room in the third trimester.

sun hat

A wide brimmed topper is at the top of my savings list for the summer. I remember dying in the shade in the last months of my first pregnancy, and it usually meant planting myself under a tree. This time, I carry my shade wherever I go. If your skin is sensitive to the sun, this is an essential summer accessory for you, as the protection will allow you to enjoy barbecues outside in the summer for longer!

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