Silt deep-sea adventure game launching on PlayStation

 Silt deep-sea adventure game launching on PlayStation

Silt deep-sea adventure game

A new indie game will launch on the PlayStation platform in June, offering a “surreal deep sea adventure”To take the form of Silt. Dom Clarke, Programmer and developer of the game Spiral Circus took to the official PlayStation blog to reveal more about what you can expect from the new game to launch both on PS4 and PS5 on June 1st, 2022.

Dive into the terrifying sea abyss of Silt and discover long-forgotten mysteries. Explore dangerous waters, take possession of sea creatures, and solve puzzles to travel deeper into the darkness.. ”

Silt deep-sea adventure game

“Silt is a puzzle-adventure set in the depths of a terrifying depth of the sea, where you play as a lone diver searching the depths and exploring dangerous waters to discover the long haul. already forgotten mysteries.But the diver has a secret.Using an unusual power, you can get sea creatures roaming the ocean void, discovering new creatures and using their unique abilities to solve puzzles, traverse around, and make your way deeper in the dark.With the game only a few weeks away, we wanted to share one of the processes we have developed to bring the traditional ink-on-paper art of our artist Tom from still imagery to the interactive world of the game.

“Getting Tom’s artwork into the game was the biggest technical challenge for us. It’s important that the game looks like one of Tom’s drawings and not like his art being transferred from context to something else. The idea is to giving Tom close to total control over the look of the game right from within the drawing program.This means control of composition, camera framing, tonal comparison, lighting, shadows, texture, fog, everything that he would naturally be madrowing if he worked on one of his pieces.

We had to find a way to allow Tom to do all this, while maintaining the ability to rebuild the whole thing on the game machine and make it interactive. We used the layers in the drawing program to keep the logical elements separate from each other, then wrote a script to cut the layers and make it something to be processed by the game engine.

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