Slimline MagSafe in-car dashboard charger from $30

 Slimline MagSafe in-car dashboard charger from $30

MagSafe car charger

Drivers looking for an easier way to wirelessly charge their phone while in their car may be interested in RETECK. A new one MagSafe dashboard charger designed to be the most robust yet slim foldable wireless charging system that can be mounted on the dashboard of your cars. Specifically designed for Apple’s iPhone range of devices, the RETECK has a flexible silicon design and features strong magnets to ensure your phone stays safe in place while you’re driving.

Special price promises on early bird are now available for the creation project from around $ 30 or £ 25 (depending on current exchange rates)offering a substantial discount of approximately 40% of the recommended retail price, while Kickstarter crowd funding continues.

“Forget about thick phone mounts and chargers for cars that can’t be adjusted. RETECK brings you a slim 15mm phone charger with all the power of the thickest mounts but with beauty and adjustability in a slim holder — easy to use, easy to carry, and easy to store.If you don’t use your phone and just want to charge, just fold the charging board and let you won’t even notice it’s on your dashboard or even in your pocket, if you carry it with you. ”

MagSafe car charger

If RETECK’s campaign successfully raises its required goal and production progresses smoothly, worldwide shipping is expected to take place around August 2022. To learn more about the RETECK MagSafe dashboard charger project review the promotional video below.

“With the RETECK Foldable Magnetic Dashboard Charger & Phone Holder, you can quickly charge your phone with an output of up to 15W. This charger supports the QI protocol, and allows you to continue charging your phone while you travel in town.Don’t worry again about the risk of your phone falling and being damaged.RETECK Foldable Magnetic Dashboard Charger & Phone Holder has a built-in magnet on the charging panel.This means that, if you bring your phone close to the panel, it will use magnetic suction to secure it and prevent it from falling no matter what happens.

“You can attach your phone as you wish, and this phone mount will remain constant so you can use the navigation maps or make calls without having to worry about device safety. Even on bumpy and winding mountain roads, it will hold your phone firmly and give you a safe driving environment. ”

For a complete list of all available special promises, stretch goals, additional media and detailed specifications for the MagSafe dashboard charger, jump to the official RETECK crowd funding campaign page by visiting the link below .

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