SML Launches Its First RFID Technology Center in Hong Kong

 SML Launches Its First RFID Technology Center in Hong Kong

Provides Impetus for Digitalized Industrialization of Hong KongBrought by Advanced Equipment Setting the Stage for the Advancement of Global Operations

HONG KONG, May 11, 2022 / PRNewswire/-SML Group (“SML”), a worldwide leader in digital identification technology and solutions provider, today announced the launch of its Technology Innovation Development Center (“TIDC”), a first-in-Hong My Radio Frequency Identification (“RFID”) inlay Research & Development (R&D) center and production hub. The new center is part of SML’s strategic long-term plans as it seeks to improve the technology ecosystem to boost its growing global operations that include a growing group of customers moving to in a digital-first future where everything has a digital ID tag throughout. markets.

With this center, SML will be empowered to improve its business operations around the world and assist customers in their search for a sustainable future. Wilson ChanChief Operating Officer of SML, said: “This center will enable SML to expand into strategic industries and grow into a future where everything has a digital identity.”

In a global market characterized by the unequal quality of RFID inlays, an integral part of the RFID tag that carries the level of object data, the center will allow SML to improve quality control by standardizing in performance and enhancing reliability throughout R&D as well as production. process. The center demonstrates SML’s ambition to take a leading role in improving inlay standards across the industry.

Setting industry standards, providing assurance to clients and ensuring quality

As a market leader covering technology development within the retail manufacturing sector, SML, with its new technology development center, will look to build an end-to-end quality control system that raises the standards of industry and offers quality assurance for its clients.

A state-of-the-art center will import hi-tech machinery and bring in the latest technologies to produce RFID inlays with high throughput levels at higher efficiency. With new industrial machinery and testing facilities from Germany’s and Finland, the center will be able to create an RFID-enabled hang tag from 7 steps to 1, a significant improvement. Finally, the center will enable SML to increase annual production levels through a streamlined manufacturing process to meet the growing demand for RFID products.

The TIDC will also include a multiple-point performance checking system that will communicate with RFID inlays over a wide frequency range and help evaluate the overall performance of the inlay to improve quality levels. In addition, the R&D laboratory will allow SML to design and test RFID inlays. TIDC will also seek to improve the productivity and reliability rates of the RFID inlays manufacturing process.

Promoting digitalized industrialization and grooming talent Hong Kong

Dr. Sing Wong, Director of RFID TIDC said, “TIDC will participate in accelerating the adoption of automated industrialization in Hong Kong. We will implement AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) to transport goods, from raw materials to finished goods, to increase manufacturing efficiency. “

The center will also cater to local needs and provide training grounds for RFID professionals, while attracting renowned industry experts to establish standards of excellence. Dr. Wong added, “We are determined that the center will serve as an incubator for aspiring RFID talent to represent Hong Kong among the growing global workforce within the Digital ID industry. ”

With a view to contributing to in Hong Kong efforts to achieve commercial digitalization, selected by SML Hong Kong as the first location for its inaugural technology center. In the coming years, SML will look to expand its operations to other locations and plans to launch R&D centers in other regions to provide new technology that will benefit the industry.

About SML

With a presence in more than 20 countries, the SML Group is the global end-to-end RFID and brand identification solutions provider, delivering proven results and fast ROI to brands in the new era. in retailing. We offer innovative Inspire ™ and EcoInspire ™ labeling and packaging products, high quality RFID tags and encoding services across the industry. Our proprietary Clarity® software is the only item level RFID solution engineered and proven to deploy for vertical retailers and brand owners with stores. As a valued partner of brands, SML is committed to developing technology-driven solutions that drive brand innovation and growth. For details, please contact us.


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