Steam Deck gets durability tested (Video)

 Steam Deck gets durability tested (Video)

Steam Deck

The new Steam Deck went on sale earlier this year and now we can find out how solid the device is in a video from JerryRigEverything.

Usually we see Zack from JerryRigEverything durability testing smartphones, in this video, we see him testing the Steam Deck gaming console, we will find out how strong the console is.

The console starts at $ 399 even though the model shown in the video is the more expensive version with an anti-glare etched glass display.

As we can see from the video there are scratches on the display at levels 6 and 7, although due to the etched glass there are marks on the lower level. These marks are not visible on the standard display until levels 6 and 7.

The console was also tested with a display lighter and since it is an LCD display there is no permanent damage to the display.

In the bend test, the Steam console was able to withstand it without permanent damage to the device, so basically, the console passed the durability test from JerryRigEverything. You can find out more details on how to test the console at the link below.

Source and Image Credit: JerryRigEverything

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