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 SymmetryDesign ice sphere maker – Geeky Gadgets

Will make the ice sphere

If you’re looking for a way to make a perfect circle of ice balls to drop in your favorite drink, you might be interested in a new Kickstarter campaign for a new ice mold. Made by the designers of Symmetry Design the Sunnyvale California -based project provides a quick way to make the perfect ice cube addition to your drink as added by a professional mixologist.

“The plastic layer of ordinary ice hockey mold products on the market is covered on the outside, and it’s a very easily broken iceball. The SymmetryDesign-Sphere Ice Maker uses a thermal insulation layer placed in the double-layer ABS cavity, and the ultrasonic sealing process allows cold air to enter only from above. Not only beautiful, but also extends the life of the product. ”

If the SymmetryDesign crowd funding campaign successfully raises the required pledge goal and the project progresses smoothly, worldwide shipping is expected to occur in July 2022. To learn more about the SymmetryDesign Ice sphere maker project, tan see the promotional video below. Early bird pledges are now available for the new project from around $ 298 or £ 221 (depending on current exchange rates).

“The silicone double semi-circle is neatly wrapped, so that the ice cubes are full and evenly weighted when they freeze, so that the ice balls that are made are not damaged. The traditional plastic ice hockey mold. -op can only add a thin layer of silica gel, which makes it easier to squeeze and damage and crack the heart when the water freezes and expands. ”

“Food grade silicone material, same material as baby pacifiers, flexible and easy to release. SymmetryDesign-Sphere Ice Maker safe food material not only guarantees the effect of the finished product but also makes it healthier. drinking.

For a complete list of all available campaign pledges, stretch goals, additional media and specifications for the Ice sphere maker, jump to the official SymmetryDesign crowd funding campaign page by clicking the link below.

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