Technology tips from OIT

 Technology tips from OIT

The following information was shared with Ohio University faculty on May 6, 2022.

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) provides this information for faculty and staff to reuse and prepare for the fall semester. The following technology tool updates are designed to help OHIO community members become more comfortable with educational technology advances.

Tool updates

Course Offerings

A new version of Course Offerings is now available, with a more modern interface and mobile-friendly, responsive design. The new version was created by student developers and will be available in conjunction with the previous version throughout the summer. Teachers are encouraged to submit feedback on the new design.

Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams

Teams are constantly releasing new updates and improvements. Be sure to check out the new whiteboard app and class insights, a tool that allows teachers to easily track their students ’Teams activity, from completing assignments to participating in conversations in class.

As a reminder, you can easily request to create a Team for your courses. Blackboard Ultra users can use the tools located within your Blackboard course to create a Team. If you are using Blackboard Original or need a unique combination of sections/courses put together by a Team, submit the Team Auto Work form.

To keep up with the latest improvements, you can visit What’s new in Microsoft Teams or type “/whatsnew” in the Teams search bar.


Qualtrics will end its support for Internet Explorer on June 15, 2022, coinciding with Microsoft’s retirement of Internet Explorer. Qualtrics will not be accessible from the Internet Explorer browser after that date. The OIT recommends using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to access Qualtrics.


Blackboard upgrades have occurred and instructors using Turnitin in Blackboard Original must now build all assignments performed before the summer term or transfer to use the Blackboard Assignment features. and Peer Assessment.

Assignments created by Blackboard Ultra will continue to work, but any Turnitin Assignments in Blackboard Original copied from the previous term must be removed and recreated to collect new submissions from students.

Top Hat

A recent change in the way Top Hat and Blackboard courses sync will affect how internal instructors connect. To sync Top Hat and Blackboard courses you need to start syncing from within Blackboard rather than Top Hat.

See How to pair a Top Hat course with a Blackboard course for a demonstration. This option is compatible with Blackboard Ultra Courses and Blackboard Original.


REDCap, a survey tool ideal for collecting longitudinal data, data on community settings, or data for multi -site projects, has been added to the OIT survey tool options. REDCap is a secure web -based survey tool available to all OHIO faculty, staff, and students.

Schedule a REDCap workshop to make your surveys the best they can be.

Training Resources

Training and consultation information

Visit the OIT Technology Resources and Training webpage to access online help information and schedule a workshop or consultation with an OIT professional to navigate your software or classroom technology needs.

Topics include Blackboard Original, Blackboard Ultra, Learning Spaces, Microsoft Teams, Panopto, Qualtrics, VoiceThread, and more.

Learning Spaces resources

Check out the following resources to learn more about your classroom for the coming semesters:

  • Technology Finder: Allows you to search for technology available in the OIT supported teaching space.
  • Classroom Help Hub: See self-guided help tools for common classroom technology topics.
  • Digital Toolboxes: Determine which technology options are best suited to achieve your student learning goals.
  • Consultations: Meet with OIT support staff for a hands-on demonstration of learning areas configured for safe distance learning. These consultations also cover the use of the following hardware:
    • Audio (microphone, etc.)
    • Document cameras for sharing demos and handwritten notes
    • Other special equipment
Learning Spaces updates

Classrooms in the RTV Commuications Building, Tupper Hall, and select spaces in Porter Hall, are scheduled for technology refreshes during the summer and early fall semester. More information and details on the project, timelines, and affected areas are available on the Classroom Improvement Initiative webpage.

Scheduled maintenance

Ellis Hall: Computers located in all spaces within Ellis are supported by the OIT to be replaced during the summer semester.

All OIT-managed computers in OHIO classrooms will be updated to the Windows 11 operating system before the fall semester begins. Faculty members will be notified if their class is selected for a Windows 11 OS update, during the first summer session. This update should not affect your experience of navigating your Windows device.

Technology Reminders

Learn how to enroll in Azure multi-factor authentication

Ohio University will move from Duo Mobile to Azure MFA, a new multi-factor authentication tool, next year. Azure MFA offers enhanced security, cost savings, integration with Microsoft products, and a self-service password reset not available with Duo Mobile.

Teachers are invited to register and provide experience feedback during the current opt-in phase.

Be accessible!

OHIO is committed to providing students with an accessible user experience. If you are unsure if your course materials are considered digitally accessible, want information on best practices, or have other questions about digital accessibility, consider participating in an office time session with to an accessibility expert.

These office hours are hosted monthly by the OHIO-Digital Accessibility Network (DAN), a University-wide, interdisciplinary group of volunteers committed to helping Ohio University promote inclusivity through digital accessibility. .

Update your device

Don’t ignore update reminders! Take time throughout the summer to download and install updates on your University-owned and personal tools. Constant updates make your device safer and operate more efficiently.

Retiring Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer will retire on June 15, 2022. If you use Internet Explorer, we recommend migrating to Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Chrome and Firefox are the recommended browsers for many devices, including Blackboard and Qualtrics.

Stay safe

The Office of Information Security is aware of recent reports of potential cyber attacks against the United States. Please practice advanced security surveillance technology. Stay updated on information security resources for educators, and make sure you familiarize yourself with the latest phase of the approved Security Guidelines.

Understanding VDI

OHIO Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) provides remote access to Ohio University-specific software by using the entire Windows desktop environment from any PC, Mac, iOS, or Android device. This access allows users to connect to a selection of University resources from a personal device.

If you already have VDI installed, you can search for available VDI software applications to preview what is available to OHIO faculty, staff, and students without a purchase. If you know you need help connecting to these applications or to determine your eligible access, please contact the IT Service Desk.

Still need help?

Visit the Technology Help Center ( to find help materials, submit a ticket, or connect to the IT Service Desk. Visit the Tech Ready site for the most common semester-start tech topics for teachers and students. If you need personal assistance you can stop by the Bobcat Depot within the Baker Center Monday-Friday from 8 am- 4 pm

Need more hands-on help?

Visit our Technology Resources and Training page to sign up for a group workshop, schedule a one-on-one consultation, or request a specific workshop for your group with an OIT expert.

For more information, contact the Office of Information Technology.

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