Teenage Engineering OP-1 Field portable synthesizer

 Teenage Engineering OP-1 Field portable synthesizer

Teenage Engineering OP-1 Field portable synthesizer sampler

Musicians looking for a portable synthesizer and samplers may be interested not that Teenage Engineering engineers have created a successor to their popular OP-1 in the form of OP-1 Field. Priced at $ 2000 the latest generation of portable synthesizer is thinner, more powerful and “100 times better” than the creators originally claimed it was.

Teenage Engineering OP-1 Field

OP-1 Field portable synthesizer

Featuring a low-profile aluminum body, internal FM antenna and a high-resolution display the OP-1 Field sampler joins the already launched TX-6 mini mixer by the new Field companies range of products.

“Introducing the all new field of OP-1. Injected with more than a decade of ideas, refinements and developments. Just to name a few: stereo across the signal chain, bluetooth midi, usb type- c, a new speaker system with passive driver for detailed, fat and loud sound, a great 24 hour battery life, multiple tapes and recording formats, new good sound reverb and the ‘dimensional’ synth engine, a full glass, flush, high resolution display. we also tweaked all the graphics, every screen. did we mention fm broadcasting? ”

OP-1 Field synthesizer and sampler

“Think of the OP – 1 field as a natural continuation of its predecessor. updated with the latest technology, improved design and well-organized with professional musicians, recording artists and sound designers in mind. higher quality in all aspects, from its circuitry to connectivity and flexibility, it is tailored for professionals in the field.

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