The ‘can do’ attitude that defines Hong Kong

 The ‘can do’ attitude that defines Hong Kong

“The hanging of a large flag during the Umbrella Movement in 2014 … as well as the formation of the glittering human chain until the height of the 2019 protests, is evidence of the symbolic significance of Lion Rock,” Leung said.

“We think the spirit of Lion Rock isn’t just about money,” one of the anonymous young people behind the flag said in video footage shared by the group at the 2014 stunt, and added: “It’s kind of fighting against injustice, strength in the face. in troubles, is the true Lion Rock Spirit. “

The dramatic growth of Hong Kong’s middle class in recent decades, and the rising number of young adults who have completed higher education, means that Lion Rock Spirit has evolved to become new. . “The socio-economic situation has changed [and] the 1970s concept of the Lion Rock Spirit is no longer applicable, ”Hardy-Wong said.

However-even if some young adults may have seen any 15-minute, black-and-white early stages Under Lion Rock-one basic concept remains the same.

In essence, the lyrics to the Below the Lion Rock theme says that while there are always struggles in life, people in Hong Kong can make their lives better by rejecting their differences and supporting each other. . Everyone, however, is in the same boat, and that unity still remains for most.

“The usual good professions like doctor and lawyer are no longer careers [the younger generation] continue, “Hardy-Wong said.” So, the Lion Rock Spirit is more used for the social context today, especially after the 2019 social movement, when people shared the same values, excited- eager to express their opinions and demands, to strive for. a just and equitable society. “

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