The CW Downsizes As It Faces Transitional Year Amid Ownership Change & Business Strategy Shift – Deadline

 The CW Downsizes As It Faces Transitional Year Amid Ownership Change & Business Strategy Shift – Deadline

When the dust settles after a troubled day today, the CW is left with 11 original scripted series – new and returning – on tap for next season. That’s out of 19 (including Stargirl whose future is unclear) was taken for the 2021-22 period last year.

While there has been a board -wide decline in linear networks, the CW decline is significant and follows years of expansion that has resulted in the network adding two more nights of original programming on Sundays and Saturdays as well as years of stamping the CW on its scripts. portfolio with most series that automatically return no matter what they have done in the rating.

It all ended this year, ahead of Nexstar’s awaited CW sale. Only the strongest performers in the rating were cut, and there were many cancellations, including the same ailments as the veterans. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, The Vampire Diaries branch Legacies and freshman Noemi.

The biggest change in CW history since Mark Pedowitz took over 11 years ago and turned the new woman-focused CW into a gender-balanced network with a thriving superhero franchise, the net is fundamentally changing the way it operates and operates. decisions.

By acting as an extension of its parents ’studios, Warner Bros. TV and CBS TV Studios, the CW’s role is to help launch series that can be enjoyed by both streaming and international studios. Many changes over the years have been dictated by the amount of shows in studios, not the network, which explains why the low score Dynasty ran for five seasons on the CW. The show, which is canceled today, is the subject of a rich deal between CBS Studios and Netflix and raising money for the studio regardless of its performance on the CW.

After the CW sale, while Warner Bros. and Paramount is expected to continue to hold minority stakes and continue to supply programs for it, their interests no longer beyond the network.

The 2019 termination of WBTV and CBS Studios ’Netflix output deal for CW programming will also play a role in some of the cancellations because the newer series will go on HBO Max/Paramount + and will not bring in external streaming revenue, which puts more pressure on them to deliver. for studios. (The end of the Netflix pact has been beneficial for the CW, which can now monetize its movies into a full-season stack for all but The Flash, Riverdale and All American.)

Financial considerations at the studios led to the cancellation of several series, which Pedowitz likely kept in the air, including Legends of Tomorroweligible for a proper shipment after seven seasons, Legacies, with a dedicated fan following, and In the dark, which is one of the highest quality series on the CW. I’ve heard that the CW is willing to change movies but the studios behind them aren’t for business reasons as they try to keep their slates.

While the CW’s original scripted series number has dwindled dramatically, the network is stepping up its slate of acquired scripted programming, including Family Law, Professionals and Leonardo, on tap for next season, as well as alternative fares.

Due to cancellations, we will no longer see the marquee CW original scripted series as Riverdale and Nancy Drew on Friday or Sunday as is the case at this time; they may concentrate on Monday-Thursday (or possibly Sunday-Thursday). More earned and alternative programming is likely to find its way into lower traffic nights and summers where the CW has regularly screened some original scripted movies over the past two years.

There have been many rumors and speculation as to what the CW will look like under its new owners, with speculation about a potential push for a better program asking in the middle of America and questions. about the future commitment to LGBT representation.

While time will tell how the CW is progressing, right now, under Pedowitz, the network remains committed to diverse and inclusive conversations that can push boundaries.

Heading into the new season of the CW, Pedowitz next Thursday will take the stage for the only traditional presentation of its broadcast up front as we say goodbye to the unicorn that is the CW, a broadcast net with two identical tags property and a unique business model that has lasted longer. than anyone had predicted.

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