Three ways technology is costing you money

 Three ways technology is costing you money

AS technology advances rapidly, spending is likely to follow.

We often use technology in almost every aspect of our lives: television, apps, games, and banking.

Take an inventory of the apps and services you use and make decisions from there


Take an inventory of the apps and services you use and make decisions from there

Because it has become so dynamic, cutting costs seems impossible.

However, there are some ways to cheat the system and save some money.

Here are three ways you can save on technology.

1. Cancel your free trial

Free trials can be a great way to see what other streaming services or platforms have to offer.

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Just remember to cancel after the first week.

Here’s a quick tip: if you find it’s not worth your time for the first few days, cancel immediately.

Even if you want to come back and check out a show or game, most services will honor the free week.

Another tip is to put a reminder on the day before your test ends.

That’s a surefire way to make sure you don’t get charged a fee if you don’t enjoy the product.

2. Cancel apps

Another recurring fee that is likely to cost people more than they think – apps.

Other apps like meditation, diet, or even budgeting apps, charge you a small fee per month.

Those monthly fees can be increased.

If you have 5 apps that each cost about $ 3, that’s an extra $ 15 a month.

However, it will come out an additional $ 180 a year.

That sounds low, but if you’re holding on to pennies, canceling apps you rarely use can be beneficial.

3. Check your cell phone bill

A simple bill check can save many tons.

Many times, users may find that they are paying for more data that is not available.

Sometimes your bill has things like extra hotspot gigabytes that you don’t need or use.

By changing your plan, you can drain dollars from your bills.

Other ways to conserve technology

Old age does not equal worthlessness.

Take the dust off your old phones, tablets, computers, and other devices and see how much you can get for it.

You may be surprised at how much people or places charge for your used equipment.

Also, just because it’s older, doesn’t mean you need to upgrade.

Even if it’s hard to throw away the latest and greatest gadgets, using yours until the last minute will keep you humble and even richer.

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