Tier’s Nigeria Ealey Explains the Secrets to His Artistic Fashion Designs

 Tier’s Nigeria Ealey Explains the Secrets to His Artistic Fashion Designs

Creative director, designer and artist Nigeria Ealey has developed inspiring images. At his Los Angeles home, with floor-to-ceiling windows showing views of the town and mood boards that extend the length of the walls, he literally surrounded himself with it. It’s how he stays true to his nerves and how he connects the creative forces of life around him. The result was Ealey’s clothing company, Tier, which got seven numbers last year and was seen by people across the country.

Tier makes high quality street clothes for men, women, and children. That includes everything from monochromatic sets to outerwear to special baseball caps. But whatever the matter, Ealey and his co-founders, Esaie Jean Simon and Victor James, created each piece of Tier with two touchstones in mind: reliability and durability. And the label’s slogan, “Art Doesn’t Die,” reflects that. It’s a sensibility that Ealey said dates back to the trios ’days as founders of the student firm who attended Long Island University in Brooklyn in 2014.

“When we think about people like Tupac or Michael Jackson or Van Gogh, their work is so important while they’re here that even when they’re gone, that still means something,” Ealey said. “I think that’s the real test of someone — what impact can you leave on people in your field of work as a representation and memory of what you’re doing here?”

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