Tips for surviving Evil Dead The Game

 Tips for surviving Evil Dead The Game

If you are looking forward to playing the new Evil Dead The Game survival horror game now available on GeForce NOW, PC, PlayStation and Xbox. You’ll be happy to know that Tim Willits Chief Creative Officer, Saber Interactive has taken to the official PlayStation blog to reveal many tips to survive a kill in your Evil Dead game competition.

Evil Dead: The Game serves up some exhilarating terrifying violence and over the top moments makes for a bloody fun time, but it’s not all screaming and substanceless: there are multiple game layers and strategies to be remembered. Whether you’re playing as the hero Ash Williams and his friends, or as the evil and powerful Kandarian Demon, we’ve put together our top tips to make sure you get a helping (broken) hand. To win Survivors, you need cunning strategy, synergistic cooperation and always be at your fingertips. You have to keep a cool head and your eyes on the Necronomicon prize, while your teammates are in possession, the Deadites are vomiting on you, the trees are flowing at you, and more. . “

Evil Dead The Game tips and tricks to help you survive

“Play as a team: A crew of four Survivors together is stronger than any player alone. They can also share the loot they find with each other. They’re also not easily intimidated, and that helps lower your fear level! Don’t forget to use the ping system to mark the intentions, objects, and locations of your teammates! If you’re in voice chat or playing without it, communication through the ping system is the key to success.

“Choose your fights carefully: If you’re together, you can fight against the Deadites and bosses and have a chance to knock them down. But if you’re alone and the team is separated, it’s better run away and survive to fight another day.Stealth is your friend: Kandarian Demon will see you when your fear level is high, when you get in the car, and when you shoot.Preventing the demon from finding you quickly can make it easier you to progress early in the game without major issues.

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