Tom Ford steps down as chairman of CFDA

 Tom Ford steps down as chairman of CFDA

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Tom Ford resigned after three years as chairman of the Council of Fashion Designers of America.

He will retire on May 31 and will remain in an advisory role until the summer while the CFDA votes for a new chairperson. Ford will remain on the organization’s board.

“When I began my role as chairman in June of 2019, my goal was to help the American fashion industry become more recognized around the world for its talent and importance. I can’t imagine the unique circumstances that would be. must navigate the industry and the world-that a pandemic will close the world and change the course of our lives and our businesses forever, ”Ford wrote in a statement distributed by CFDA.

Ford took over the position of CFDA chairman in 2019, following the departure of Diane von Furstenberg. Ford’s tenure, for the most part, overlaps with the Covid-19’s worst pandemic. During his tenure, he launched CFDA’s A Common Thread initiative with Vogue, which has donated more than $ 5 million to the U.S. fashion industry. She also helped bring New York Fashion Week and the Met Gala back in full force in 2021 and 2022, fostering a spirit of friendship among the American fashion community.

“The pandemic challenges us all to think about our businesses in a new way – from the design and production process, to how we reach out and communicate with our customers,” he continued in his statement. “We’ve been forced to come up with new ways to run our companies. Some might think that fashion is just to make beautiful clothes and accessories or have runway shows, wear celebrities. person and participate in parties without considering the incredible amount of work that goes on behind the scenes, or that the fashion industry is a $ 3 trillion industry employing millions. individuals.As chairman of the CFDA, I have been privileged to experience firsthand the incredible determination and optimism that drives our industry.I am honored to have supported the truly unique talent of the American fashion industry over the past three years, and I look forward to to continue my role on the CFDA board.

At the 2021 CFDA Awards, held at Four Seasons’s Pool Room and The Grill, Ford hosted its first in-person CFDA ceremony. “I’m excited to show how American fashion has impacted the rest of the world, whether the rest of the world is willing to recognize that or not,” she said. “That’s my goal, to help the rest of the world understand how much they’re getting and how much America is giving to fashion around the world.” Few have provided like Ford, whose career spanned the United States, Italy, England, and more.

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