Travel experts share tips on how to save on plane tickets

 Travel experts share tips on how to save on plane tickets

Exerts said flying on Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday was “cheaper” than flying on Monday, Friday or Sunday.

BEAUMONT, Texas-With the school year and summer sky approaching, Southeast Texans are already thinking about destinations for summer vacations.

Community members are looking for where to travel and ways to save. There are rumored tips and tricks that suggest when it comes to traveling by plane, getting cheap tickets is just in time.

“We booked it two months in advance, so we got a really good deal,” said one Southeast Texas traveler.

Some believe that booking a plane ticket on different days of the week can make a big difference in price. Experts say many different factors play into how much a traveler pays for a ticket.

“If you wait until May, mid-May to book your summer trip, you’re out of luck but you’re in a much more difficult situation,” said Willis Orlando, Scott’s Cheap Flights employee. “So, you have to be as strategic as possible.”

Orlando said there is still hope for those looking to ride and cheaper trips for their summer vacations. The expert shares his top three tips on scoring a deal when traveling for the summer.

First, the expert urges travelers to be flexible with their dates. Orlando confirmed that flying some days is cheaper than others.

“If you can be flexible, if you can say, ‘Listen, I understand that flying on Tuesday or Wednesday or Saturday is cheaper almost across the board than flying on Monday or Friday or Sunday,’ you’re a lot more likely to find a good deal,” he said. ”By Orlando.

A 12News crew tested the strategy by finding flights from Houston to Miami within a week in July. When crews watched July 15 and July 22, which are both Fridays, the lowest price was $ 292.

If the days were moved to July 12 and July 19, which is Tuesday, the price dropped to $ 201.

Orlando also suggested that travelers check out competing planes. Houston is a hub for United Airlines and competing airlines are constantly trying to dig out the competition.

Finally, Orlando said the Texans should book a season ahead. Two to three months ahead is good for domestic flights.

As a bonus tip, Orlando says the destination is as important as the sun.

“If you want to go to the Florida Panhandle, or whatever you have, and all, you know, you pay more,” Orlando said. “Think inland or the mountains or the northeast or these places that are cooler during the summer. You can find great deals, small crowds, cheap hotel prices. It’s a good one time to travel to places. “

Orlando also said travelers should keep track of their trips, so they can be alerted when prices are going down or when they are about to go up.

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