Travelers Love the Beyond Yoga Weekender Pant

 Travelers Love the Beyond Yoga Weekender Pant

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Very few things compare to the feeling of wearing your favorite sweatpants. And if you’re like me, they play an important role in your uniform on the day of the trip. Even if your go-to joggers are arguably the most comfortable piece of clothing in your closet, they’re often less presentable when they’re sitting or have an overly relaxed fit, like pajamas.

Fortunately, we live in the golden age of lounge clothes, and brands like Beyond Yoga serve up a wide range of sweat and active clothing-chic and versatile to wear to the gym, brunch, for chores, or on the fly – to solve this problem. (Actually, even Jennifer Lopez is a fan of the brand’s stylish athleisure, which we won’t forget.) One thing, in particular, that has garnered a lot of praise from customers is Weekender Pant, which was recently marked. up to 40 percent discount.

The famous joggers have a reputation with Beyond Yoga shoppers, giving them an impressive 4.8-star rating for their softness, comfortable fit, and beautiful appearance. It is made with comfortable, beautiful like fleece to achieve their soft feel. To make sure you’re comfortable coming back, Weekender Pants have a polyester-spandex blend to give them a body hug. However, they are perfectly draped to achieve their relaxed silhouette, making them equally snuggly and intelligent features to look at when you are outdoors.

For added comfort, they have a wide, high waist elastic waist that can be adjusted by closing the strap. The sleeves of Weekender Pants are also elasticized and tapered to master the classic sweatpants silhouette. Oh, and we won’t hesitate to mention that they have equipment with not one, but two pockets.

Shoppers have their choice of five colors, which include a wide range of black and inventive colors such as mineral blue, muted teal, pistachio green, and currant red, and sizes from XS to XL. . Each color has a discount on a different price, except for the black pair which is still full of the Beyond Yoga price. (However, if you’re quick to wear neutrals, you can get Cozy Fleece Weekend Sweatpants in black at 25 percent off Zappos). But you want to hurry because some sizes are on sale.

“These are the softest sweatpants I own,” one Beyond Yoga shopper wrote. “They’re so comfortable, not really like you’re wearing anything.” Another reviewer exclaimed, “Ever since [I bought them]I was amazed at how soft they were every time I wore them. “The third customer yelled that they” live on them at night and on the weekends, “and the fourth buyer added that they had” very good. ” and that they “loved the cloth and [it’s] very comfortable. “

They also get a stamp of approval from wanderlust shoppers. One exclaimed, “These pants are perfect for traveling or relaxing.” Even postpartum reviewers are fans. One Beyond Yoga customer shared, “I’m 10 weeks postpartum now and I can’t tell you how happy these pants are that make me finally have something cute but also comfortable.”

Speaking of their quality, one shopper was pleased to report that they “wash well and don’t lose their shape.” Another highlight is that Weekender Pants “shape your curves well, and are in the middle of a fit of shape. [and] stretchy, “makes them” super comfy “to wear. The joggers are so good, reviewers say they’ll go back to” buying them again with a heartbeat “-even at full price .

If you have a flight to catch, or you want to treat yourself to new joggers, the Beyond Yoga Weekender Pants are the perfect try. Get them at Beyond Yoga up to 40 percent off while supplies are available.

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