Tuesday’s business headlines – WISH-TV | Indianapolis News | Indiana Weather

 Tuesday’s business headlines – WISH-TV | Indianapolis News | Indiana Weather

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH)-Here’s a look at the business headlines on Tuesday with Jane King.

Employees sued Bob Evans for low pay

Bob Evan’s employees are suing over low pay. The complaint accuses the chain of violating state and federal minimum wage laws by paying servers in Kentucky, Indiana and Tennessee that little of their work has been turned into “forced labor.”

Plaintiffs allege that Bob Evans illegally paid them even less than the minimum wage for work such as cleaning bathrooms and making biscuits-which did not generate tips and was not free of the minimum wage. James Roberts, Bob Evans’ general counsel, said the company had no comment.

Musk said the Twitter deal won’t work until the bot issue is resolved

Elon Musk said this morning that the Twitter deal will not proceed until the “Bot” issue is resolved. Musk said Twitter’s deal at a lower price was ‘not out of the question’.

The price on Twitter has slid in comments and is now lower than where it was before musk made the offer.

There are many scammers who hijack online renters

Scammers have victimized tenants online, and real estate agents say the situation seems to be getting worse. Often, scammers will take real lists of properties to sell or rent and repost them below market rent, then try to get people to send them money for the property.

Realtors say one way to avoid scams is to look up the address online to verify if it is rented or sold elsewhere.

Studies have shown that video games can improve thinking functions

A recent review of more than a decade’s worth of game studies found that young and young adult players outperform non-players in many cognitive functions.

They are better able to switch between visual tasks, divide their attention between different moving objects and remember the location of hidden objects. Other screen habits, however, including watching short, fast-paced videos such as on TikTok, are associated with shortened attention spans.

The poll found that more than half of Americans prefer “comfort” TV

A poll found that more than half of Americans prefer ‘comfort’ TV and movies. TV predominates in other ways that seem more common, such as meditation or bubble bathing.

Research firm Onepoll, for streamer Philo, concluded that 55% of American adults use “comfort” television and movies to soothe themselves and distract themselves from anxiety or stress.

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