Two Texas Businesswomen Launch Fashion Full Circle To Empower and Lift Up Other Women

 Two Texas Businesswomen Launch Fashion Full Circle To Empower and Lift Up Other Women

WFashion Full Circle founders Kelly Winget and Sterling Woerner connected to LinkedIn, the female entrepreneurs immediately found a bloodline born out of mutual interest and the desire to support women seeking best for themselves.

“Strong women empower other women,” Woerner said. This is a mantra that Winget and Woerner know. Winget, founder of Alternative Wealth Partners, has successfully raised nearly a billion dollars in private capital for private placement opportunities. But after 10 years he decided it was time to move in a new direction.

“I want to transfer my experience to give everyone access to these types of investments,” Winget said. “I’m focused on giving back to the women’s powerhouses there.”

Woerner also loves to elevate women inside and out, and he knows the power that comes with trusting your own skin-and clothes made just for you. Her custom clothing company called Sterling Suits dresses women from head to toe in pieces that hold themselves in the boardroom, while also moving to brunch on the weekends. The fabrics are luxe and the construction is flawless because Woerner’s clients deserve it the most.

“I reach out to strong, successful women,” Woerner said. “These pieces are builders of trust. My clients come to work looking and feeling good.”

With their goals in common, the two women decided to create an experience that would not only bring other like -minded women together but also improve the community – something in common. like Woerner and Winget.

The first annual Fashion Full Circle event took place at Lawless Spirits and Kitchen in downtown Houston. It benefited Dress for Success, a nonprofit organization that provides professional clothing for low-income women while they are interviewing for jobs. The evening was the same part of networking and fashion show, with lots of laughs along the way.

“I ask myself, ‘What is my purpose outside of my career? What is success without meaning?’ “Woerner said.” I want to give my community back. “

After working in the mostly male -dominated oil and gas industry, Winget also saw the need to make a difference, showing women the path to financial literacy and real wealth.

“Give a woman a dollar, and she will take the dollar and invest it back in the community. There will be a higher return, ”Winget said.

Keep It Wise-and Strengthened by Women

Smart and yes, even sexy suiting, was the requested dress code and women from finance, software and banking followed, mostly wearing their unique Sterling Suits for the evening.

The highlight of the Fashion Full Circle event was a fashion show, showcasing Sterling Suits clients, showcasing the versatility of each piece. While guests sipped cocktails and ate light snacks, models worked the runway, paired with a sports coat with tank top and denim for brunch or a custom skirt with sneakers and tee. The imaginative lining and colors of all kinds make a trendy impression.

Fashion Full Circle
Madeleine Stanton, Sarah Englade, Elle Phillips pose at Fashion Full Circle event (Photo by Alondra Martinez)

It’s almost a six-week transition from initial consultation to delivery, but if Woerner knows his client’s lifestyles and needs, he’ll work with them about new ones. fabric and shape.

Guests were asked to bring clothing donations for Dress For Success and nonprofit president Lauren Levicki Courville talked about the power of having a suitable career wardrobe and a woman’s self -esteem. Over the past 24 years, Dress for Success has helped more than 76,000 women.

“You give women power and give them opportunity,” Levicki Courville told the crowd.

Winget and Woerner have plans for more community outreach and the evolution of Fashion Full Circle. Both are committed to other compassionate organizations, but they have a special place in their hearts.

“We want to nurture it for future generations. You look good and say to yourself, ‘Now, let’s go to work,’ ”Winget said.

“It’s become very organic. Kelly and I have the same goals and there is no limit to what we can do, ”Woerner added.

Fashion Full Circle is another example of what happens when strong women unite vigorously for good. And come to think of it, this duo is just getting started.

To learn more about Fashion Full Circle and Kelly Winget and Sterling Woerner’s Alternate Wealth Partners, click here.

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