UArizona Graduation boosts business

 UArizona Graduation boosts business

It’s time for the University of Arizona to graduate — and before they graduate students — and their parents will add an encouraging boost to the local economy.

Photographs of the Old Main — with proud parents standing by — are a key part of UArizona’s graduation traditions. The University will provide about eight thousand bachelors, Masters and PH.Ds.

It is the end of a long path to a degree and the beginning of a path of life. Parents who pay even a small portion of the fees are okay with the costs of coming to Tucson for a big event.

KGUN9 reporter Craig Smith asked UArizona parent Ernest Johnson: “If you come here for something like a startup, how much will you invest?

Johnson: “Investing is all because of my son. It was an investment in life, knowing that all this school was taking care of him to make everything better. That’s why I have to support the school and support him. ”

University businesses have willing clients of thousands of students but get eight thousand students to get degrees, add parents, grandparents, siblings and that’s some serious cash flow.

Parent John Palumbo said, “I can’t tell you either. The wife did all the planning, the restaurant for the finish to get us to a place that could accommodate everyone, you know the right hotel in the right place and of course, make sure we have gas beforehand we will leave.

Craig Smith: Now, if you have to put the price tag on that ..?

Palumbo: “Quite yes, some grandiose for sure.”

Visiting families need a place to stay, so that means a business boom for hotels like the Tucson Marriott University Park. General Manager Jill Nghiem said 250 rooms were full.

“The business is crazy. The hotel is full. Filled since almost Monday. But people ate at the restaurant. They were hanging out in the lobby. They were celebrating. The hotel feels great. ”

After the business explosion for business graduation it will slow down for the summer, until things arrive in August as new students enter.

Craig Smith a reporter at KGUN 9. Craig enjoys the way that reporting can be a passport to interesting experiences. With more than 30 years of reporting in cities like Tampa, Houston and Austin, Craig has covered more than 40 Space Shuttle launches and covered historic hurricanes like Katrina, Ivan, Andrew and Hugo. Craig enjoys using innovative writing and visuals to more easily understand difficult stories and his work has been recognized with numerous awards. Share your story ideas and important issues with Craig by email [email protected] or by connecting to Facebook and Twitter.

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