Useful accessories and gadgets every book lover should try

 Useful accessories and gadgets every book lover should try

13 truly useful gadgets that every book lover should try

Every serious book lover needs these gadgets (Image:

Every bookworm knows the excitement of being addicted to a good book.

Hours passed before you realized your hands were shaking and your eyes were hurting.

To help you, we’ve put together a list of some really useful book gadgets that can help you read longer, more comfortably.

It will also help you remember what you read and keep track of your favorite passages, while you are busy getting lost in the story.

Whether you’re a serious book lover, want to get rid of a reading fatigue, or are confused about what to buy your book -loving friend, BookTok has all been tested and approved.

Some are necessary, some helpful supplements and some, well, just for a pure dopamine boost.

We have this container.

Clear and color-coded sticky notes

The best books are filled with writing that forces us to stop so we can read them again. And, unless you have a memory of the picture, even the most thoughtful, beautiful or amazing words will disappear.

So adding tabs to your favorite passages is a help in changing the game.

Annotating books is not only good for future reference, it can help you read more actively, helping you to remember and understand the book better.

Maybe an anarchist enjoys writing directly in books, but if not, clear sticky notes are a good alternative.

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Level it up by creating a key (maybe you want to remember what things made you laugh, cry, or notice moments of character development?) To annotate using rainbow sticky tabs.

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Book darts

Like sticky notes, book darts can help you make notes on a specific page or passage you want to go back to.

The main difference with book darts is that they are made of metal, so you can use them again, they look smoother and stronger.

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Page owner

After opening a heavy book for a long time, the hand cramp is real. The page holders are a simple, inexpensive little gadget that means you can open one book with one hand, free the other for your coffee / water / wine.

Trees are a more durable alternative to plastic and vary in size.

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Clip-on reading lamp

A reading lamp is essential for night reading. Filtering your eyes to read in relatively dark can speed up this fatigue – our eyes can become as tired as any of our muscles.

A portable clip-on lamp is great for traveling or if you want to read in bed without bothering your partner. Even if it can be a little messy and needs to be charged, it looks good if you clip it to the cover, and the bottom from the Tazler has plenty of battery life.

It has three levels of brightness and equally scatters light on the page.

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Flat book lamp

Another favorite of the BookTok is the flat LED light panel. It’s a rectangle of glass surrounded by light, so you can place it directly on the book so it shines on the page.

You may want to get a glass cleaner for this, or you may not be able to read the book with all your thumbprints.

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Neck reading lamp

And, finally, in the lamp line-up is this hands-free neck lamp, which is a little more faff than a clip-on.

Just put it around your neck, and the two lights on each side will illuminate your pages.

You want to avoid blue light at night, and the low rechargeable lamp will eliminate it completely. You can instead choose from yellow, warm white and cool white depending on how bright you need it.

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Personal book/stamp embosser

Ok, this one isn’t a strict requirement – but we love it. An emboss stamp that personalizes all your books with a beautiful 3D logo? Yes, please.

The library -inspired one from Etsy gives the same effect as old wax seals, so you can officially mark your best books as part of your library.

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Book review notepad

GoodReads updated the game for book reviews, but they couldn’t resist the appeal to create a collection of handwritten reviews. The low A6 review notepad is very sweet.

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Pouch for holding accessories

Now that you’ve purchased all these accessories, where do you put them?

Put your ballpoint pen in the bookaroo pen pouch tied to your book, slide your sticky tabs underneath and voila.

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book arm

This is a great gift for a friend who values ​​their favorite books.

A padded fabric book sleeve will prevent your books from cracking, bending or being damaged as you read them. This small business sells sleeves in a variety of designs, such as the celestial lower.

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Prism glass

It may not win any prizes for being cool, but it’s a neck saver for bed reading.

The most lazy human gadget, the prisms of these glasses return your vision 90 degrees toward your feet, allowing you to read a book while lying flat on your back.

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Nice bookmarks

If you’re not a regular at BookTok, you’ll be forgiven for thinking that a bookmark is just a long piece of laminated card that you insert between pages. And, sure, if you’re trying to save money then any old bookmark can do the job.

But if you want to treat yourself, there are some good options, including those with swords and bent spoons with embossed messages.

If you’re quick to lose things, but the thought of turning the corners of a page hurts you, it’s probably best that you continue to use pieces of paper, to be honest.

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Serve the book

Hurt using your arm muscles to hold a book like a chump? This book holder is for you.

Seriously, though, it’s perfect for resting your book to avoid neck pain and help with posture, for reading without hands when you’re in the bathroom, or putting out a recipe book while cooking. They also make reading accessible for people who need a hands-free experience.

The one below has a handy pocket to store your other book accessories when you’re on the move.

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