Velus Jones Jr. is ‘all business’

 Velus Jones Jr. is ‘all business’

Velus Jones Jr. is the most polarizing draft pick the Chicago Bears have made this year, but so far all this man has done is show professionalism at every step of his journey so far. While many point to his age as a detriment-he’s only just 25 now-it’s starting to feel like it’s an addition for him as he starts his rookie season.

He is smart beyond his years and has made a positive impression on everyone so far.

All the coaches praised him for his readiness and he seemed 100% focused on being the best he could be for the Bears. Whether that’s as a receiver, a returnee, or a weapon like Percy Harvin, he’s willing to hone his talents and do whatever is asked of him.

“I’m looking for those guys who are explosive and they’re playmakers and they can help in a lot of different places,” Bears ’GM Ryan Poles said of Jones after the draft,“ and that’s what this kid is, and if you get a chance to meet him, you can understand that he is different. He is special. There is something about him… there is only one aura about him. “

“He’s all business,” Chicago offensive coordinator Luke Getsy said of his rookie receiver following the minicap. “He came in in a suit. He was ready to go. He takes good notes. Bought own white board. He entered ready. He was focused. I was so excited. He was a man who could be everything, focused on trying to know everything. It’s a lot for all the guys now, but I like the way he gets in, the way he does.

“The whole organization is excited about adding a guy like that,” special team coach Richard Hightower said of Jones via the team’s website. “We all kind of have a feeling for him as a person. We like him as a person and we like his strength, we like his speed, we like his toughness, we like his athleticism, and we like what he can. ”

Jones is a recent guest on 670 The Score’s Parkins & Spiegel Show, and he talks about his years forming the gridiron, his time in college, leading the draft including his poor combination of 40 time, and where he is now as a professional. This is a great interview and you can check out the whole thing right here.

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