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LEqual arguments aren’t the only thing under such heavy scrutiny in the high court this week. Media coverage of the “Wagatha Christie” libel trial saw the sartorial choices of all involved under rigorous scrutiny.

Headlines like “Rebekah Vardy teams £ 1,316 vintage Chanel dress with £ 650 bag” and “Coleen Rooney arrives on court in £ 1,565 Mugler blazer and (a) £ 615 Gucci loafer” – a reference to the ankle boot by Rooney – shown online as prominent as any cross -examination.

Even Coleen’s husband Wayne – a man more accustomed to being judged on a football pitch – was condemned by the fashion jury. Wearing an immaculate navy raincoat and holding a black Fendi bag as he walked up the court stairs with Coleen, he was likened to a “suicidal bouncer” and a PE teacher holding a geography.

However, it was still the women who challenged the photographers for the best shot of the two women arriving, explaining that they not only had to prepare for the judge’s verdict, but also for the whole. world.

“We need to recognize the observation that celebrities are at the bottom especially intensified in this environment,” said Dr Kirsty Fairclough of Manchester Metropolitan University. “Every detail gets attention.”

But there is power in clothes, something that both famous media-savvy people know. It also means that there is a purpose behind the options, he added: “There’s a whole group around the artists responsible for that image. It’s all very highly choreographed, very performative”.

Coleen Rooney
The two women dressed in a way that showed they wanted to be serious and in control, said image consultant Penny Bennett. Photo: James Manning/PA

Vardy designed everything in celebrity-meets-royal dressing, wearing designer pieces that were once worn by the Duchess of Cambridge. “He showed us that he was the purest man,” says fashion psychologist Carolyn Mair.

Meanwhile, Rooney remains close to the long road, wearing a monochromatic Zara dress. “Coleen showed her loyalty to the rest of us,” Mair said. “He dresses for people so they have empathy for him.”

The repeated use of tailoring and “the stronger shoulder” by the two women shows that “They want to be serious and show that they are in control,” said image consultant Penny Bennett.

In the state, the media attention to Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s dress on the dock – as they battle their self -defamation cases in Virginia – isn’t too severe.

Heard’s decision to copy Depp’s suits and a particular Gucci “bee” tie also created a feverish speculation.

Decoding these looks can only be a matter of speculation, though. “That’s always been the issue of fashion,” Mair said. “Unless there’s a slogan that explains it, it can be translated in a lot of different ways.”

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