Which NFL Teams Will Travel the Most, Least in 2022? – NBC Chicago

 Which NFL Teams Will Travel the Most, Least in 2022? – NBC Chicago

How far will the Bears have to travel during the 2022 NFL? originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

Every NFL team has long known where they will play their games for the 2022 season. Soon, they will know when.

The release of the NFL schedule is set for Thursday night, presenting teams with their full road map for the 2022 season. Several games have already been announced, including the first Thursday Night Football game, one of the Christmas clashes and five international games. But Thursday’s release will give each team its full slate.

With 17-game schedule implemented for the 2021 season, NFL teams now have an unequal number of home and fight games. Teams with nine home and eight road games last season will have nine road and eight home games during the 2022 regular season. Teams with more road games in 2021 will also get one more home game in 2022, too.

Between the 17th game and some teams that will have to travel outside the U.S., there will be plenty of travel during the 2022 campaign. Here’s a look at who will fly the farthest, along with who will stay. near home:

Which NFL team should travel the most in 2022?

The Seattle Seahawks will accumulate the most mileage this season, according to Bill Speros.

That’s a bit of a surprise because they only have eight road games and four are in the Pacific time zone. Three of these are the divisional contest against San Francisco 49ersArizona Cardinals and Rams in Los Angeleswith a second trip to SoFi Stadium to deal with Chargers in Los Angeles.

Two of their games are in the Central time zone, as they are guests against the New Orleans Saints and Kansas City Chiefs. The Seahawks ’road matchup against the Detroit Lions was the same in the Eastern time zone the entire season.

So how do they get to the top of the list? Well, they had to travel more than 5,000 miles to make history in Munich. The Seahawks will play their “road” matchup against Places called Tampa Bay Buccaneers at the Allianz Arena last Nov. 13 for the first regular game of the NFL season in Germany.

In total, the Seahawks are set to travel 29,446 miles and cross the league’s long 34 time zones during 2022.

Here’s how Seattle compares to the top-5 teams listed in total travel miles for the upcoming season:

1. Seattle Seahawks: 29,446 miles, 34 time zones

2. Denver Broncos: 27,398 miles, 32 time zones

3. Jacksonville Jaguars: 25,534 miles, 22 time zones

4. Dolphins in Miami: 25,178 miles, 14 time zones

5. New Orleans Saints: 24,976 miles, 30 time zones

The Dolphins are the only team in the top five not to play an international game in 2022.

Which NFL team should travel the least in 2022?

Jet lag won’t be a problem for the Pittsburgh Steelers right now.

The Steelers have a minimum total mileage of 6,442 and no longer have to travel outside the Eastern time zone once in the regular season. Unlike the Seahawks, the Steelers actually have more games on the road to their schedule, too.

Pittsburgh is within 300 miles of all AFC North opponents, so road games against the Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns didn’t add to the team overall. They also have an in-state road matchup against Philadelphia Eagles. Their remaining games are on the road against the Dolphins, Buffalo Bills, Indianapolis Colts, Carolina Panthers and Atlanta Falcons.

Here’s a look at the five teams with the least travel in 2022:

28. Bears of Chicago: 10,086 miles, 8 time zones

29. Cleveland Browns: 9,986 miles, 2 time zones

30. Baltimore Ravens: 9,500 miles, 2 time zones

31. Detroit Lions: 8,348 miles, 8 time zones

32. Pittsburgh Steelers: 6,442 miles, 0 time zones

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