Why BTS Jin Fashion Style Described As Classic, Simple Explained

 Why BTS Jin Fashion Style Described As Classic, Simple Explained

BTS Jin Well known as “World Wide Handsome.” Even if her facial features are the main reason behind the so -called nickname, her sense of fashion also plays an important role.

Apparently, fans believe that every member of the all-male K-pop group has a different fashion sense. This is why no member of the ARMY can pinpoint who on the septet is the most fashionable icon.

Based on the statements, netizens agree that each of the JaBeZ The singers have a unique style and set of likes in terms of sartorial pieces. For Jin, Soompi stated that his signature look is more inclined towards comfort featuring an uncomplicated, minimalistic style.

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BTS Jin prefers Simple, Comfortable Pieces

The publication explains that the oldest member of the BTS usually wears casual attire. He allegedly has “clean-cut and put-together” ensembles that “fit” his overall look.

He reportedly wants to keep it classic and simple. But, despite this, his pieces are “not boring,” considering his “playful” nature.

In addition, Jin is said to be fond of high-end outfits. As admitted, she has previously expressed her “love” for Givenchy, a luxury fashion brand.

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Some of His “Extra Fashion Decisions”

Her style is nice, comfortable, and simple. However, Koreaboo reported that the BTS member did not always follow the trend and fashion rules.

Even if she wants to keep her overall look minimalist and uncomplicated, she still gets a little “extra” sometimes.

One example is that she likes to leave tags while wearing certain pieces.

Another time where she showed her part of extravagance was when she wore funky sunglasses on stage. In addition, she also wears “mismatched” pieces sometimes.

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Dress Like Jin

The public has seen how Jin has dressed himself over the years. With her compelling pieces and style, fans have taken the time to document her appearance on social media and continue to do so to allow others to see what she likes in style.

On Instagram, the BTS member has a fan-made fashion account, which carries the handle “seokjin.style.” The feed posts pictures of the K-pop idol, showing off his clothes, and the page provides details of each item, such as its brand and price.

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