Why Smartphones Can’t Take The Heat And How To Keep Them Safe, Know Details

 Why Smartphones Can’t Take The Heat And How To Keep Them Safe, Know Details

NEW DELHI: As many parts of the country are slipping under extreme heat and rising temperatures, we need to be extra careful with ourselves and especially with our gadgets because they have no way to cool themselves. Smartphones and laptops can slow down when they heat up and that’s because they have chipsets in them and they reduce the power they use to stop overheating.

In fact, the batteries that power smartphones struggle to constantly cool down when they are overused or exposed to excessive heat. We bring you the top five tips that will help you keep your beloved gadgets safe and cool in this scorching heat.

Turn off to cool

If you feel your gadgets or smartphones are too hot, a wise thing to do is to turn them off and leave them in a cool place and wait for them to return to cool temperatures.

No external charging

It is recommended not to charge your devices or smartphones externally when the temperature rises as the temperature of most devices rises when they are charged. Charging it outdoors will only lead to overheating due to the high environmental temperature.

Don’t overcharge your gadgets

Overcharging smartphones and other gadgets is a strict no because it can lead to battery breakdown and eventually faster battery drain.

Invest in a laptop cooling stand

Investing in a laptop cooling stand is a great way to prevent your laptop from overheating while working. In addition, if one can manage to secure the power supply to the cooling stand through an external source and not the laptop itself, it will also help to conserve battery.

Do not place in direct sunlight

It is recommended not to place your smartphones and laptops under direct sunlight in this scorching heat. Excessive exposure to high temperatures can lead to damage to batteries and other internal components.

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