Why Your Next Flight Pilot Could Be Less Experienced Than Usual

 Why Your Next Flight Pilot Could Be Less Experienced Than Usual

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A regional US airline is trying to make some changes that may result in the pilot on your next flight being less experienced than you are used to. The pandemic has affected travel in many ways to date, from wearing a mask on flights to various entry and prohibition rules. Even as these policies go through changes around the world, a long-term consequence of the pandemic that seems like it won’t go away anytime soon is the lack of pilots to fly the plane.

A regional airline thinks it has a solution to the crisis – and this includes allowing pilots to fly commercial aircraft faster than they are now allowing them to do so when it comes to finding their time in flying. Here’s a look at the changes proposed, which plane is championing the cause and what that could mean on your next trip.

Not very experienced pilots? What Travelers Should Know

To apply for a job as a pilot on an airplane, U.S. candidates must have accumulated 1,500 hours of flight time prior, or 750 hours for candidates previously in the military. This rule was brought in by the FAA after an airplane accident in 2009, after an accident investigation concluded that both pilots failed to respond appropriately to warnings. Prior to this rule, first officers only needed at least 250 hours to become a commercial license holder.

However, the rule may result in more experienced pilots developing, it may also take longer for pilots to become fully qualified, and it may also be more expensive. Even if this can be a problem in the worst of times, it is even more of an issue today, with the country facing a significant pilot shortage in the aftermath of the pandemic. However, Republic Airways feels there may be a solution to the issue.

The Indianapolis -based airline has called on the FAA to grant them an exception to the 1500 -hour rule. The regional giant instead wants the FAA to allow them to board pilots with 750 flying hours – half the usual number of hours – if they graduate from their own flight academy. Even if it’s a long order for other airlines, the Republic may have a point.

Unlike other regional airlines, Republic Airways has its own training program for applicants with little or no air experience. The Republic argues that because their training program, called LIFT (Leadership in Flight Training), has similarities to military training, their applicants should receive their aircraft transportation pilot certificates at the same stage of military candidates – after 750 hours of flying.


While Republic Airways ’filing has yet to be decided by the FAA, it could lead to the end of a 1,500-hour controversial flight rule that many in the industry find excessive. Having a pilot who has not completed many flight hours should not be considered less safe, due to the fact that the number previously 250 hours in the U.S. and other countries around the world also has lower limits.

The Republic argues that not only will such a change help address the current pilot shortage, but it will come with other benefits, such as making the cost of studying to become a pilot in the future cheaper and cheaper. open it to candidates from different backgrounds. . With more pilots qualified now and in the future, this will help address the large number of flight delays and cancellations that are now hampering travel for thousands of Americans – especially if other airlines are following suit. in suit and filed for exemptions from current rules.

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