With COVID cases up, Public Health strongly urges people to pick up their masks

 With COVID cases up, Public Health strongly urges people to pick up their masks

May 11, 2022

With the rise of COVID cases in Multnomah County, the department of emergency and urgent care diagnoses on the rise, and the rise in hospitalizations and epidemics, Public Health is strongly urging people to wear masks indoors until cases and hospitalization are reduced.

“It’s not a mandate but we’re asking everyone to put their masks back on for a few weeks while they go to school, work and other indoor activities,” Drs. Jennifer Vines, Multnomah County Health Officer. “We want to reduce the spread of the disease so people can stay well and attend all the spring events they plan.”

Health officials recommend all people to improve their precautions now, with special attention to people at higher risk of serious illness. With the wearing of masks on many people’s internal organs, people need to make sure they are updated on their vaccinations, practice good hand hygiene, and stay home if they feel sick- even if it is not in COVID-19. In addition, anyone who knows they have had recent exposure to someone with COVID-19 should be sure to wear a well-fitting mask around others within 10 days after exposure and to be tested on the 5th day.

People who are at higher risk may want to avoid a lot of breast cancer in the coming weeks.

Hospitalization rates have not risen among school-going people, suggesting that the disease continues to be mild or even asymptomatic in that age group, but cases are also on the rise and outbreaks are on the rise in schools and among school children and teenagers.

“We’re in a pandemic phase where we have to respond to what we know will work. And that’s vaccines and indoor masks,” said Dr. Jennifer Vines, Multnomah County Health Officer. context of schools, academic success, social well -being and mental health of our children should be a top priority. That’s why we strongly recommend the interior design in schools. ”

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