WM Technology, Operator of Weedmaps, Launches Payments in Ontario

 WM Technology, Operator of Weedmaps, Launches Payments in Ontario

IRVINE, Calif .– (BUSINESS WIRE)-WM Technology, Inc. (“WM Technology” or the “Company”) (Nasdaq: MAPS), the cannabis industry’s leading marketplace and technology solutions provider, has expanded their product offering in Ontario with an integrated digital payment process. which can help small businesses compete with the growing demand for delivery, roadside retrieval, and cashless transactions.

Effectively, customers of participating Ontario retailers will be able to not only browse cannabis products through the industry-leading Weedmaps listing platform, but also directly pay participating retailers in- app via Visa or MasterCard credit cards. In addition, for an improved customer experience and to help facilitate compliance with Canadian personal ownership limits, customers will be notified directly if an item in their cart is out of stock or if the their order exceeded the legal purchase limits.

“The Canadian cannabis market has a first-mover advantage as a diverse mix of farmers and sellers continues to grow in size and proportion. We have always believed that technology is third. pillar of industry success, but Ontario’s recent decision to permanently legalize delivery services for cannabis retailers has accelerated this trend, ”said Chris Beals, CEO of WM Technology. “With more shipping and click-and-collect transactions, safe, convenient and secure technology solutions will be at the center of the industry’s future and enable more small businesses to serve customer need. ”

With the world’s technology giants looking to enter the cannabis delivery market, WM Technology’s 14 -year track record and commitment to a transparent and inclusive global cannabis industry will continue to set the company apart. The Company hopes Ontario will be a launchpad for digital Weedmaps payment plans in other Canadian provinces in the coming months.

WM Technology is also launching its product in the WM Store for Ontario retailers. The WM Store brings the Weedmaps platform directly to websites with branded cannabis retailers, giving business owners the ability to customize product menus, logos, and designs. color to better reflect their corporate brand and create a smoother, end-to-end ordering experience for customers. In addition, WM Store’s pairing of ordering and logistics functionality with WM Orders, WM Business ’delivery and orders platform, streamlines the entire ordering process for customers by enabling an intuitive shopping experience. experience an orderable website menu with filters, dynamic search, and product information. , directly to the retailer’s branded websites.

To ensure a seamless customer experience, WM Technology has partnered with COVA, an established cannabis retail Point of Sale and inventory management platform, and will work with Merrco, which will provide payment processing services to participants. retailer.

For more information on WM Store or WM Orders, please visit: https://weedmaps.com/business/orders/wm-store/ or https://wmbizzver3.wpengine.com/orders/ respectively.

About WM Technology, Inc.

Founded in 2008, WM Technology operates the leading online cannabis marketplace, Weedmaps, with a comprehensive suite of eCommerce solutions and compliance software, WM Business, sold to retailers and brands in the U.S. state- legal and Canadian cannabis markets. The Company’s mission is to power a transparent and inclusive global cannabis economy.

The Company’s technology addresses the challenges faced by consumers seeking to understand cannabis products and businesses that serve cannabis users in a legally compliant manner. For the past 13 years, the Weedmaps marketplace has become the primary destination for cannabis consumers to discover and browse information about cannabis and cannabis products, allowing product discovery and pre-ordering for to be picked up or delivered by participating retailers. WM Business is a set of eCommerce-enablement tools designed to help retailers and brands get the best out of the Weedmaps consumer experience, create labor efficiencies, and manage compliance requirements.

WM Technology has a strong belief in the power of cannabis and its importance in enabling safe, legal access for consumers around the world. Since its inception, WM Technology has worked tirelessly, not only to become the most comprehensive platform for consumers, but to build software solutions that enable businesses to follow the gap, to promote legalization, social equity, and licensing in multiple jurisdictions, and facilitate further learning by collaborating with subject matter experts to provide detailed, accurate information about the plant.

Headquartered in Irvine, California, WM Technology supports remote work for all qualified employees. Visit us at www.weedmaps.com.

About Cova

Built on purpose for cannabis retail, Cova is the most trusted cannabis POS in North America, with power over 2,000 locations from coast to coast, including 72% of Ontario’s cannabis stores. Offering proven reliability and industry-leading performance, Cova’s award-winning POS and Inventory Management platform simplifies tracking and streamlining of complex operations, empowering retailers to carry out their vision. to the truth and positioning their business for success. Cova is constantly evolving to stay one step ahead of regulatory changes and add high-value components and combinations that help cannabis dealers grow their business. Learn more at www.covasoftware.com.

About Merrco Payments Inc.

Founded in 2016, Merrco is the leading provider of cannabis payment solutions, bringing seamless, secure payment solutions to market by making payments smarter and simpler every step of the way. Merrco’s solution is included in the payment value chain with wide distribution through strategic partnerships and partnerships, and their platform offers ecommerce, virtual terminal, mobile, recurring and current payment solutions. card with strong ability to report online. Visit https://www.merrco.com/partners/ to learn more about becoming a Merrco partner.

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