WVU Medicine Health Expo on Hand To Help at Ogden Wellness Weekend | News, Sports, Jobs

 WVU Medicine Health Expo on Hand To Help at Ogden Wellness Weekend | News, Sports, Jobs

photo by: Shelley Hanson

WVU Medicine Wheeling Hospital provided Ogden Newspapers Tough As Nails Urban Challenge participants with a variety of information related to facility services during the health expo on Sunday. From left are hospital spokespersons Bonnie Funkhouser and Gretchen Kessler, Dr. Mark Hofbauer, and spokeswoman Thea Gompers.

WVU Medicine’s first year of participating in the Ogden Newspapers Half Marathon Classic and the Tough As Nails Urban Challenge was a success, helping to inform and help many and, thankfully, to treat some injuries.

By Sunday afternoon, the tent staff located at the finish line would only have to deal with a serious injury, broken wrist, and multiple injuries and other small bruises and bruises. . In all, less than a dozen people were treated for injuries throughout the week, according to Kevin Clark, one of the tent’s managers.

Karin Janiszewski, regional director of communications and public relations for WVU Medicine, said the organization is excited that the first Wellness Weekend is going as well as it is and expects to be a staple of future events.

“We are really excited. This is the first time we have participated in this kind of activity, ”Janiszewski said.

The health expo featured information on Wheeling Hospital and Reynolds Memorial Hospital services, physical therapy and massage stations, as well as an emergency service tent located at the finish line.

“They learned about all of our lines of service, from cardiology to orthopedics to dermatology,” Janiszewski said. “We have a little bit of everything here so people can come in and get information, but it’s usually about getting our name out there.”

Janiszewski highlighted the recent expansion in the field of urology and dermatology, especially urologist Dr. Michelle Simmons, as Janiszewski said female urologists are short on supply.

“That’s good and a game changer for this valley,” he said. “Urology is a much -needed line of service, and bringing a (woman) to work with (women), as a woman, that’s important to me.

“We’re very proud of this team. It’s all the local people, here from our area, that we want to show and let people know that you don’t have to leave this place to get the most out of it. care, state of the art.

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